Share a Smile Movement e. V.

Bmx has no limits

People who would love to do nothing more than to ride a BMX bike, let’s help them out.


If you want to get involved and donate some bmx parts, you can us an email to
We will provide you with the information needed to send to our headquarters in Bremen or to the closed drop off point available.
If you live in the United States, unfortunately, we do not have a donation drop-off point at the moment. We hope to have one in the near future.If you are interested in shipping the parts yourself, we can put you in touch with a person in a destination country. At the end of the day, the most important thing is not who sends the bmx parts but that they reach those riders with passion and talent who do not have access to them.
Before you get in touch with us, here you have quick hint about what you cand send.
-Second hand parts: All parts must be in good structural shape. Cracked parts or with large tears in fabrics or foam, are not accepted. If the damage is only aesthetic (eg paint) they can be accepted. (Look at the pictures bellow)
-New parts: All new parts are accepted, as long as they have modern bmx standars.
-Old school & Mid school parts: Unfortunately, most of these parts are to heavy or geometries are to old to be sent. Shipping bmx parts around the globe is extremely expensive, therefore, we want to use our resources to send the best quality parts as possible. 
However, if you want to donate them, we can auction them and use the money raised to send more modern pieces.


For one time donations click on our PayPayl  


If you want to donate on a regular basis, you can do it in small amounts month by month through our Patreon (Link a patreon)