Share a Smile Movement e. V.

Share a Smile Movement e.V

Share a Smile Movement e.V. is a non-profit association that aims to promote and implement extreme sports worldwide. With the help of international projects such as sporting events, exchange programs and the procurement of funds for extreme sports, youth and adult aid is primarily provided in the Global South.

The promotion of international sentiment and tolerance in all areas of extreme sports culture is supported and intercultural exchange is made possible. Creating awareness for resource-saving use is of central interest and is incorporated into every project. In addition to providing all extreme sports material free of charge, the association also strives to promote and implement extreme sports lessons and to set up, maintain and promote extreme sports parks with access to educational measures and structured leisure activities. These projects go hand in hand with the goal of making the existing socio-economic conditions visible and breaking up structures.

The long-term improvement of personal living conditions and the disclosure and counteracting of disadvantages, especially gender-specific forms, are of great importance to the association.

Share a Bike Share a Smile

Share a Bike Share a Smile aims to spread and grow the culture of BMX by sharing good quality used BMX parts with riding communities in countries without access to affordable material. We contact local leaders in BMX communities and create relationships on social media and in person. BMX parts that fulfil local needs are packaged and sent to a trusted contact. The parts are provided with the agreement that they shall be distributed to committed upcoming riders and youth who rely on BMX for personal development. The distribution is celebrated with a local jam where social media content can be created to connect donors with recipients. These images of the shared bikes creating smiles reinforces the commitment of the donors, both individuals and corporate entities, to grow the sport, but also a sense of responsibility and solidarity within the BMX community. Creating awareness in rich countries, supporting bmx communities in developing countries and reducing the amount of waste we create by giving these second hand parts a second life are our objectives. We encourage responsible consumerism that minimizes unnecessary purchases and the reutilizing and recycling of material. But more importantly, we work to encourage and provide a channel through which riders can give back to the BMX community and help youth with fewer resources develop physically and personally through this sport.

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Bmx has no limits

People who would love to do nothing more than to ride a BMX bike,
let’s help them out.

Our Projects

Operational Plan

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    ● Collect individual donations of parts.
    ● Collect commercial donations of parts from participating stores and brands.
    ● Crowdfunding through the “Fundrazr” site to collect cash donations to cover shipping costs.
    ● Fundraising jams in collaboration with both donor and recipient communities.
    ● Research and fulfill customs requirements in each country.
    ● Create appropriate parts packages for recipients.
    ● Support local distribution and BMX community development in recipient countries.
    ● Content creation and diffusion to build connections between BMX communities.

Our Crew